FISH Volunteers Make a Big Splash!

January 19, 2017

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Did you know that in 2015, FISH Food Banks… 

* distributed 4.5 million meals to those in need
* fulfilled 518,000 food bank visits
* served 74,000 unique individuals

FISH Food Banks of Pierce County is proud to serve up big numbers each year but it wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of our volunteers. From carefully placing cans of soup on the shelf, loading up groceries in a client’s vehicle, to sharing a warm smile and everything in between – we count on our volunteers to ensure that FISH provides nutritious food to those in need with compassion, dignity and respect.

Did you know that in 2015, 700 volunteers helped stock shelves, refrigerators and freezers with more than 6.5 million pounds of donated food? The hours contributed by our volunteers overall is equivalent to 59 full-time employees. FISH could not operate as effectively without people like you – our passionate and dedicated volunteers and donors!

Recently, Air Spares, a Puyallup manufacturer of aircraft parts that supports Boeing and Airbus fleets, kicked-off a new program that encourages employees to spend time off of the manufacturing floor volunteering at a local non-profit. Air Spares’ CEO, Evan Brown, chose the Edgewood Community FISH to be the beneficiary of their first volunteer experience. When asked why Evan chose FISH to volunteer with, he shared – “One of the core values at Air Spares is stewardship. As a part of that, we feel strongly in giving back to the local community. It is uncomfortable for some to acknowledge, but this community is really hurting right now. Honestly, I just couldn’t sit back and not take action any longer. FISH Food Banks of Pierce County is a good fit for us because they are about action and not just talk.”

Reflecting on their first volunteer session, Evan shared, “At our first volunteer session, I was surprised at how organized the [food bank] was. There are a lot of families being served in a very timely and orderly manner. To be honest, we are going to implement some of the organization methods into our machine shop and warehouse. I was really impressed!” Outside of how effectively FISH is able to serve those in need, Evan was most moved by his team’s ability to serve 145 families during their volunteer shift. “It was amazing! We left with a very strong sense of gratitude … it was incredibly fulfilling to see how [your] actions have a direct impact on another’s life. This opportunity really bonded our team together in a way that I have never seen before. Air Spares will continue to volunteer on a monthly basis to support FISH Food Banks of Pierce County.”

Evan and Air Spares’ volunteer story is just one of the many inspiring examples of community members giving back to those in need. Join us this winter and help make an immediate difference in the lives of those in need. Sign up for a volunteer orientation HERE or call Kerrisan at 253-383-3164.